Australian summer is undoubtedly cherished for outdoor activities, trips & picnics. Simultaneously, it can be a time of concern for the older adults as an excessive heat can augment the heat-related issues.

Heat stress happens when the body can’t maintain a temperature that’s healthy. Some factors that increase the risk of heat stress for older Australians include living at home alone, some medications and having ongoing health issues.

There are some simple safety measures we can take to counter such heat-related issues. Here OSAN Ability Assist shares 4 important tips to keep older adults safe in summer.

Take adequate Liquid

As dehydration is one of the prime reasons for heat-strokes, do make sure you drink plenty of water regularly to keep yourself well hydrated. Also limit intake of caffeinated drinks and alcohol, which can have a mild diuretic effect in summer.

Stay Indoor

With the growing temperature, it’s important to stay indoors unless required otherwise. Avoid vigorous exercise and wear cool, comfortable clothing that’s light. Use fan or air conditioner to reduce the temperature in your home. In case you don’t have air-conditioning, close your blinds or curtains and use a fan with wet towel to make a difference (NOT recommended for older adults suffering from asthma). Moreover, going to a local air-conditioned shopping centre or the movies will provide you temporary reliefs.

Protect your skin and eyes

If it is necessary to go out please make sure you wear a hat and sunscreen that will help you keep you healthy. Don’t forget to put on some sunglasses to protect your eyes.


Stay Connected

Ask your friends and family to stay in touch with you and let them know if you plan to spend time outdoors, so they can be contacted to make sure you are safe. If you are a loved one, friend or neighbour of an older person, check in on them regularly to make sure they are safe and are taking precautions in hot weather. It is also a good idea to check the weather report for updates on weather conditions in your area.

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