Aged Care Provider Craigieburn

OSAN Ability in Craigieburn provides in-home aged care support, enhancing lives with compassionate care.

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    As you get older, living independently in your own home can become a task. If you are finding it harder to do the things you used to, you can ask for some help. Aged care services are an essential part of senior citizens. If you need assistance with day-to-day help to ease the worries of your loved ones with elderly care home services. We provide you with in-home professional services to support and care for your loved one. Our aged care workers are certified and we make sure to find you the ideal one for support. Aged care workers can be ideal to help you with going to the bathroom, dressing, showering without the loss of dignity and respect.

    Aged Care Provider Craigieburn

    At OSAN Ability we provide services like accommodation, personal care, community participation, transportation assistance, mobility equipment and home maintenance services that could help make your life easier. These services can be provided when needed and everything will be in contract and in compliance with your tailored needs.

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    In Home Aged Care Services:

    When it comes to aged and elderly care we understand that you would want to stay at the comfort of your home. You would want to be surrounded by the things you love, with the people you know, within a community that you’re familiar with. At OSAN Ability Assist we, we do everything we can to make sure our care gives you a higher quality of life. We provide you with full-service in-home care and care management that would be customised to your needs. Our team strives to leave you and your family feeling empowered, optimistic and cared for.
    • Hospital visits
    • Mobility and transfers
    • Personal care from trained and experienced carers
    • Specialised nursing care from trained and experienced registered nurses
    • Ongoing support and advice to loved ones
    • Liaison and cooperation with medical and allied health professionals
    • Ongoing, active supervision from an experienced, registered nurse care coordinator
    • 24-hour back-up from an on-call registered nurse

    Assisted living services enable you to live in comfort as you age. Our support allows you to focus on the things you enjoy. We offer:

    • General housekeeping
    • Personal Care
    • Meal preparation
    • Domestic services
    • Transport to doctors, specialists, and allied health care
    • Companionship

    The duration of your service is up to you and completely flexible. It all depends on your need. We have full day/night support once a month/week assistance.

    • Either Live-in or 24-hour care
    • Daily through to weekly care
    • Casual, respite or infrequent care
    • Overnight care

    Why Choose OSAN?

    By choosing a reliable aged care provider can be a tough ask especially if you don’t have the right knowledge over it. We know this because we have been providing aged care support for over 10 years and have served thousands of families during their hard time.

    We have experienced residential aged care service providers for homes across Craigieburn, Victoria. We also provide a range of aged care support services including community aged care, respite care, home help & more.

    We solely aim to provide compassionate care & support when you or your family member needs help. Our aged care assistants will cordially listen to your needs, help you to work out the next steps or kind of support that best suits you.
    If you or your family member(s) are ageing and finding some aspects of daily life difficult to manage, please feel free to talk with us.

    Our aged care services include:

    • Showering or Bathing
    • Dressing and Grooming
    • Personal Hygiene
    • Toileting
    • Continence management
    • Assistance with feeding
    • Assistance with mobility and walking
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    Eligibility is usually based on factors like the  health you’re managing at home, and any support you currently receive. You might be eligible for aged care services if you have:

    • noticing a change 
    • being diagnosed with a medical condition or reduced mobility
    • experiencing a change in the family care arrangements
    • experienced a recent hospital admission 

    and are:

    • Above the age of 65 years (50 years or older for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people).

    To know if you are eligible, you will need to have an assessment.

    The cost of these services would vary from person to another person. It would depend on which kind of the care that you would be eligible for, the provider you choose and the financial situation. 

    While the Australian Government might contribute to the cost of your care, there is a possibility that you will be asked to contribute if you could afford to.

    OSAN Ability Assist can support you and work with you to listen to your needs, preferences and work with you or your loved ones to create an In Home Aged Care plan. We can talk to you over the phone or meet with you at a location convenient to you. There is no obligation to receive services from OSAN Ability Assist.

    There are different kinds of respite care that is available, this would depend on the services that you would need. If you are looking for respite care, you can contact us. 

    If you already have a carer for you and only need someone to occasionally take care of you or your loved one, it can be done under Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP). The topic of respite is not clearly mentioned in the government website but there are funds available for the same. If you are looking for respite care during the day, overnight, or for the weekend. Contact us now! 



    If there has been an emergency situation that has occurred, like the death of the primary carer, or your primary carer is enduring a major illness, you can contact us on 1300 799 941.

    You might need to provide additional information when you give a call, to make sure that you receive the right type of care.