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Everything You Need to Know About Plan Management


When it comes to not only applying for NDIS but choosing the right provider and managing your funding for you or your loved one, the process can be sometimes overwhelming. You must be organised, maintain evidence, keep up with invoicing, navigate the NDIS portal, and also choose the right providers depending on your specific needs. There’s a long list of processes to be on top of. Fortunately, there’s a specialised professional known as a Plan Manager who can assist with all this and more.

So, what exactly is a Plan Manager and how do they provide assistance with plan management? In this blog, we’ll explore everything you need to know about Plan Managers, their roles and responsibilities and how they can help make your NDIS journey and Plan Management process much smoother.

What’s a Plan Manager?

A Plan Manager is registered with the NDIS to provide assistance to participants and make the process of maintaining their funding much smoother. When it comes to managing your funding, there are three options.

  1. Self-management – This is when you or a loved one is responsible for maintaining your NDIS management plan.
  2. NDIA managed – Sometimes referred to as agency managed. Typically, this is when you’ll be provided with a range of different providers to choose from. Choosing this option can, however, limit your options for choosing providers as it will only include those that have taken the time to register their services with NDIA.
  3. Plan management – A dedicated individual that is responsible for managing your NDIS funding and will assist in providing options from both registered and unregistered providers.

If you’re worried about paying extra for a Plan Manager, don’t stress! The NDIA provides support for plan management by making extra funds available on your NDIS plan so having a dedicated Plan Manager will not add any extra cost to your NDIS funding!

What Makes a Good Plan Manager?

Plan Managers are effectively experts at managing NDIS funding. They have a deep understanding of support options available, knowledge of the best providers within their local area, and most importantly how to maximise the benefits of funding for the participants they represent. They’re great communicators, highly organised, and great with numbers.

When choosing a Plan Manager, it’s important to look for someone who’s:

  • Experienced  – Choosing a Plan Manager who has been managing NDIS plans for a while means they’ll have the knowledge and experience to get the most out of your funding.
  • Reputable  –  A Plan Manager works just like an NDIS provider which means you’ll be able to verify their reputation. Check out their Google and Facebook reviews or ask around within your inner circle.
  • Local  –  Choose a Plan Manager who knows the local area. They’ll be familiar with local providers and have the ability to connect you with support in your area.

What’s the Responsibility of a Plan Manager?

A Plan Manager’s responsibility is to make the process of maintaining your NDIS funding as smooth as possible. They’ll work with you to develop an understanding of your needs and preferences, help you develop your NDIS plan, and assist with identifying the right providers. They’ll also be responsible for maintaining regular contact with both you and your providers, invoicing the NDIA on your behalf, and reconciling your funding each month. On top of this, Plan managers are also responsible for:

  • Navigating and claiming funds from the NDIS portal and keeping a clear record of your claims. They are required to provide a record of your monthly spending to ensure you’re keeping on track to receive the funding you need each month.
  • Dispersing your funds to the different providers you receive support from. In the instance of a dispute, they can also provide support during that process to ensure both parties are satisfied with invoicing and payment.
  • Monitoring your progress  – A good Plan Manager will monitor your progress and ensure you’re receiving the best possible outcomes from your plan and most importantly ensure your funds help meet your NDIS goals.
  • Help collect and maintain evidence for your plan review to ensure you or your loved one can verify you meet the requirements to receive your next round of funding.

Get a Dedicated Plan Manager Through OSAN Ability

As we’ve covered, having a Plan Manager can provide substantial benefits for participants and their family members. For no extra cost, you can have a dedicated expert to help organise and maintain your invoicing, ensure you’re maintaining accurate records and evidence of your support and most importantly, free up your mental space so you can spend more time focusing on reaching your goals.

If you’re looking for a Plan Manager, get in touch with us at OSAN Ability Assist. We have a range of talented Plan Managers that have years of industry experience in managing participant funding. Call us on 1300 799 941 for an obligation free chat to discuss how our team might be able to help you!

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