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Living with Disability, A Survival Guide


Disability is not the end of the world. Living with a disability is not easy, but it does not have to be impossible or a drudgery either. It might involve making some adjustments and doing things a little differently, but the finish results could often be the same. Here are some topics that one can cope with having a disability and fulfill your goals against the odds. 

  1. Adapting -Adaptation is an important part of the process that can not happen overnight;  There are a lot of components that come under the adaptation process, including physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects. Everyone goes through different stages of adapting in order to cope with the disability. It can be hard to adapt, sometimes meeting people in community participation can help meet people who are also evolving and creating new interests and passions. 
  2. Living Independently – No one likes being dependent on others and when you are disabled, you are somewhat reliant on others to help you. Otherwise, you might find the need to hire someone else. Caregivers is one of the support help you can get in order to meet your needs and will be important to your health and wellbeing. Supported Independent Living and Domestic Assistance can be one of the ways one can find support in their daily lives but with ways to improve and become slowly independent (unless it’s an extreme case). 
  3. Housing – It becomes a huge concern when it comes to housing. Your existing house or apartment can be modified according to your needs to increase comfort. Home modification services are a vital part of this. These modifications help the disabled person to use facilities at home with ease. There are specialised NDIS approved builders who can provide modification plans that can be implemented in the house. 
  4. Transportation – Surviving a disability means you may eventually have to get around your community. As you progress, you’ll be able to resume exploring new places both near and far. Many of us with disabilities are ready to drive. Training is available for driving with adaptive equipment, and there are numerous vendors who sell modified vehicles or will adapt your vehicle.
  5. Mental health – Mental health is so important as some disabled people end up becoming depressed due to the understanding of them being different or finding things harder due to the disabilities. This is when being involved with people who are disabled and talking to a psychologist is so important. Getting involved in community programs would help them develop new interests and hobbies. 
  6. Education and Employment -Disable condition will require a person to develop skills and find employment that is less physically demanding and requires more education. Most community colleges and universities nowadays have supportive disability resource centres that would assist people with their disabilities. A lot of times,  people with disabilities would qualify for grants and student loans that would make it easier to develop new skills and qualifications.
  7. Building relationships – It is important as a human being to build relationships with people. It can be a huge coping mechanism for disabled people. Many disabled people love human interaction and are the most loving people. The more they are exposed to people, the more normalised they become. It is easy to meet like-minded people at community programs. 
  8. Building skills and following your passions – Everyone has something that they would have aptitude and interest for, it is important for disabled people to explore and find new interests or follow their passion. Having a sense of hope and purpose will push them forward and enjoy their life with the least amount of stress. 

NDIS provides funding for these services and you can contact an NDIS approved provider like OSAN to make sure that you or your loved one is getting these services. If you have any questions regarding any of the mentioned topics, contact OSAN ABILITY to discuss your situation and how you can get the help you need. 

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