Dr. Omer Shahab Khan

Visionary Omer is the founder and CEO of OSAN Ability Assist. Omer passionately leads, trains and equips the whole OSAN team to deliver quality care and compassion. From the humble beginnings Omer has been able to bridge the gap between the governmental roll out of the insurance scheme and individuals who have the disabilities. Omer loves to give back to the community and enjoys seeing his vision personally affect households across our nation.


Mariela Clarke

Organised Mariela is vital to the daily running of the OSAN business – especially in the areas of staffing operations and client management. Mariela brings order, organization and intentionality to all area's of her involvement at OSAN. Mariela particularly loves seeing the clients match up with support workers and enjoys hearing all the success stories of the wider team. Mariela loves to travel and enjoys being healthy.



As accounts administrator, Azida manages the finer details of OSAN Ability ensuring everything in accounts are ordered, systemized and running smoothly. Azida works closely with OSAN management, NDIS finance team, and our clients ensuring that, “all-things-finance”, are thriving. Azida has global experience in finance and accounting. She is enthusiastic about always achieving her best so others achieve their best.



Focused Suhani is our client coordinator here at OSAN. Suhani works out who's who in the zoo! Suhani matches our support workers to our clients and has a keen eye for details to do with shifts and rostering. Suhani juggles many different (and often difficult!) situations with absolute class and clarity. Suhani believes having a disability never limits you and see's the best in every challenge.

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