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Our professional Occupational Therapists at OSAN Ability Assist have always focused on promoting health and wellbeing by encouraging the therapy-seekers engaging in the self-care activities. These activities include day-to-day activities such as dressing, showring, cooking; productive activities like work, volunteering and caring for others; and social activities such as being part of a community group, engaging in a hobby or being part of a friendship group.
Our team of Occupational therapists play an important role in enabling people with disability to identify and implement methods that support their participation in occupations. This may include modifying an activity or an environment.

Our Occupational Therapy Include:

  • Therapeutic use of occupations, and activities, including therapeutic use of self
  • Skill development, self-management, home management and community re-integration.
  • Modification of environments (e.g. home, work-places and community places) and adaptation of processes, including the application of ergonomic principles.
  • Rehabilitation assistance and community mobility.
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