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About OSAN

OSAN Ability - NDIS Provider

From humble beginnings, OSAN Ability is now extensively recognised as leaders in disability support and Aged Care services. We are an approved NDIS provider under the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme). Moreover, Our passionate team of aged care support in various locations around the country provide supported living services to older people, people with disabilities, and their carers who are living in their own home or living with others.

On the other hand, our top priority is providing services to assist you with greater independence and improved well-being. We work with you to meet your requirements, wishes and goals.

At OSAN, our experts pride themselves on providing individualised support. Above all, we connect people with disability, their family, and carers, with the right information and assistance they require, in order to manage support systems at home and in the community. Subsequently, Our support is available as requested and as required, 24/7 a day; 7 days a week.

Our Values

At OSAN, we live by our mission statement; “Quality Care with Compassion”. We work by a strong moral and ethical code to ensure the best treatment and support for you and your loved one.


Respect & Integrity

OSAN Ability Assist demonstrates high standards of ethical behaviour and personal conduct at all times, with a genuine commitment to our clients. We respect all cultural backgrounds, and strive to meet each client’s with integrity and understanding.

Empower & Inspire

OSAN Ability encourages people to see the greatness within themselves. seeking to inspire independence and choice. We ensure our clients are always “in the driver’s seat”, empowering them to act on their interests and needs. We provide new pathways to nurture our clients’ interests, and go above and beyond to meet their needs.


Strength & Commitment

OSAN Ability helps our clients achieve their goals, persisting until we break barriers between them and their dreams . All members of the community are valued and supported by our committed carers and professionals, from the beginning to the end of our service.

Passion & Knowledge

OSAN Ability present genuine enthusiasm for supporting people in the community. We are passionate about making a difference and, furthermore, committed to ensuring a positive change is made in our clients’ lives. We embrace all individuals regardless of their background or situation, with the knowledge to provide disability and aged care to anyone in need. Our extensive experience has given us a clear understanding of service needs and industry developments.


Excellence & Communication

OSAN Ability have consistent and exceptional customer service, responding promptly to all communications with our clients and their loved ones. We promise reliable, high quality care every time. If you are of a particular faith or cultural background and have specific methods or requests, we are an open ear and here to help. Our excellent listening skills mean we truly understand our clients’ needs. Consent and privacy are at the forefront of everything we do.

Trust & Honesty

OSAN Ability are honest and reliable in all exchanges, ensuring consistency and a strong sense of responsibility. We are clear and transparent in our communications to ensure understanding with all individuals, and maintain our sense of trustworthiness in all matters.


Our Services

We Provide a wide Range of services in disability support and Aged Care

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Our Partners

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