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5 Benefits of Working as an Aged Care Provider in Sydney


Working as an aged care provider or nurse is not always an easy job to. It is more of a ‘responsibility’ than to be a ‘just another job’. However, it has certain rewarding benefits. But like any other job, when embarking on aged care industry, you need to do your research and make sure whether or not the role will be fitting for you.

Here, OSAN Ability Assist has jot together the top 5 benefits to help you with your decision.

Learning & Gaining Experience

When it comes to aged care support services, training and learning is a continuous process. As an aged care worker, you get the access to a variety of different training opportunities, which allows you to gain invaluable experiences and keep yourself up to date and compliant. Especially to those who look to take responsibility and love to nurse others, aged care industry is a tailor-made profession for them.


One of the best benefits of working for an aged care provider in Sydney is the flexibility and freedom it brings to your working life. Working as an aged care worker usually gives you the flexibility to pick up shifts that fit around your life-work balance. This can particularly help those who want to study along with work. Besides, it is ideal profession for those nurses who have children or those who loves travelling. With shifting flexibility, you can keep your personal and professional life in good balance.

Great Wages

Usually any Health care service involves a higher rate of wages and aged care service is no different. You usually get higher pay rate than working directly for hospital. However, the pay scale varies upon your personal qualification, experience and the state where you are working. Here in Sydney, the aged care workers and nurses get a great value for your work.

Professional Development

Health care industry such as aged care service is a great platform for the advancement of your own professional development via the different shifts that you potentially have access to. As you build your network and explore different shifts, your skills and professional capacity will expand. You will gain more working experience and enhance your clinical skills as you work with different people in different locations across a wide range of departments and situations.

Social Recognition& Networking

Aged care or elderly care is obviously one of the most respectable jobs. Apart from good wages & value for work, aged care home services can give you a good social recognition and provides you an opportunity to grow your professional network within the Healthcare Industry. It will also give you the opportunity to work in a variety of locations in Sydney as well as many locations in entire Australia.Besides, you get to interact with a variety of different elderly people in different situations. This way, an aged care worker, not only broadens his/her networking opportunities but also their own working knowledge.

If you are someone who loves to work under challenging condition or considers profession as responsibility, feel free to contact our representative here.

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