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Why Technology is good option for Older Adults

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With the time passing by, the world is becoming more and more prone towards technology. It has simplified our daily life by bringing significant changes. The older adults can also be benefitted in numerous ways if they learn how to use technology their favour. For example, if they learn the use of internet in various device such as computer, mobile and tablet, it can give them amazing benefit for their well-being. Most amazing thing about this, they can get connected with their loved ones without having to leave his/her own house. For most elderly Australians, internet can offer great choice and control over the things they love doing in their home, especially after their retirement.

Here OSAN Ability (Aged Care Provider), shares some the prime benefits our beloved older adults can get by adapting to technology.

  • Access Healthcare Services Remotely

We all know, the world faced a hard time during pandemic and we were inclined towards technology for all our well-being and safety. Similarly, with the use of internet, older adults can access his/her personalised healthcare services remotely. It is especially beneficial for those who are having limited mobility or transportation options. Telehealth and telemedicine platforms allow older adults to consult with healthcare professionals of their choice from the comfort of their homes. They can receive various advice on medication, have their health condition assessed, and even get their prescriptions renewed without having to travel to a physical clinic or hospital. This will not only save their valuable time and effort, but also make sure they keep receiving timely medical attention for improving their quality of life.

  • Connect With Your Loved Ones

Internet has made communication drastically easy with others. With several communication platforms like Skype, Webex, Zoom and Google duo available online, grandparents can easily get connected with their children or grandchildren. This is especially important for those older adults whose grandkids or children live abroad. A regular communication with the family members and friends helps keep unwanted stress and concerns off.

  • Staying Independent

By adapting to technology, Australian seniors can stay independent in various ways. They can manage a lot of responsibilities by their own with the help of using internet. For example, paying off various bills, transferring funds, checking of deposit by using bank’s apps, ordering groceries and many more. Moreover, as elderly, you can book appointment with your healthcare provider or favourite salon online without the help of others. All these helps them become more independent gradually.

  • Stay Informed & Mentally Engaged

By using internet, older adults can get any sort of information in couple of clicks. They can get aware of the current events taking place in his/her own country and around the world. Moreover, they can know what is happening in their community by joining social apps like Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp. All these activities will not only help increase their knowledge, but also keep the emotionally active.

  • Meet New People

Older adults can make new friends in the community by meeting new people through internet. There are many forum and social media apps with which older adults can get to know new person and share their thoughts. This makes older adults more engaging and sociable and helps their communication skill intact for long.

  • Enhance Physical Health

Older adults can improve and maintain their physical health with the help of technology. There are numerous fitness apps, wearable devices, and online resources available that can offer personalised exercise plans, tracking of improvements, and offer healthy lifestyle tips. For example, older adults can use various smartphone apps to learn various types of yogas, assess their heart beat and steps taken while running or walking. These also features of notifications to stay hydrated or take medication. Moreover, if any older adult is diabetic, they can monitor their blood sugar level by using a diabetes monitoring app or kit. These tools empower older adults to take a proactive approach to their health and can help them maintain their independence and overall wellbeing.


  • New Learning and Personal Growth

Technology opens up a world of learning opportunities for everyone and older adults are no different. It helps them to pursue new interests and passions or continue their education. There are numerous online platforms like courses who offer a wide range of courses from renowned universities and institutions. Older adults can learn a new language, explore a new hobby, or even take insights over the topics they may have always been curious to learn about but never had the chance to study. This also helps in promoting cognitive stimulation, improve brain health, and provides a sense of accomplishment and along with personal growth.

  • Make An Extra Earning

Nowadays, internet opens up a plethora of new ways to make an extra earning. If you are looking to clear away your garage or attic or want to sell the items you no longer need, internet comes in aid. You can use various online platforms like eBay, MyDeal, Facebook Marketplace, Carousell and many others where you can put your used items on sell and can earn some extra dollars.

  • Engage With the World

Technology allows older adults to stay connected and engaged with the world around them. Through news apps and websites, they can stay informed about current events and global affairs. Social media platforms enable them to connect with people from different generations, cultures, and backgrounds, fostering a sense of community and belonging. Additionally, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies offer immersive experiences that can transport seniors to different places and times, allowing them to explore new destinations, revisit familiar places from their past, or even experience historical events, all without leaving the comfort of their homes.

  • Peace Of Mind To The Children

As you grow old gradually your health starts to became frail. This usually becomes a cause of concern for the children of an older adult especially if they live abroad. With the help technology they can communicate and check-in with their beloved elderly and know whether they are in good health or not.

Final words

As an older adult, technology is quite helpful in maintain your health, keeping communication with friends & family and making new friends and join your own community. You can even learn new things and even make some extra money. So, take your time if you need to go along with technology and explore the various benefits you can have with it.


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