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Bath Safety Tips For Older Adults in Sydney

According to World Health Organization reports, every year roughly one-third of older adults aged 60 and older fall, and slippery floors, looser rugs and insufficient lighting in the bathroom increase the likelihood of falling. With growing age, they tend to develop a higher risk for falling due to failing sense, judgement errors, weak views & obviously weak body-balance. However, they can be benefitted from reminders of how to stay comfortable and safe at bath time.

When family members cannot supervise bath times for older loved ones and those with disabilities, in-home caregivers such as those that OSAN Ability Assist can provide expert guidance & assistance so that your loved ones can enjoy a hot bath safely.

The fall prevention created by OSAN Ability Assist offers the following bathroom safety tips:

  • Add grab bars with colour contrast inside the bathtub and near the toilet.
  • Use nonslip mats, decals and strips in the bathtub and on the shower floor.
  • Replace slippery rugs with nonslip rugs or add double-sided tape to keep rugs secure.
  • Keep towels and other trip hazards off the bathroom floor.
  • Be sure the bathroom and surrounding hallways have bright lighting.

Though hot baths are beneficial to almost all individuals, it is an important note to remember that soaking in a hot water bath may raises a person’s heart rate. For those individuals with cardiovascular concerns, it is best to check with one’s doctor first about using a hot soak for lowering blood pressure and alleviating other ailments.

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