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The Important Role of Nurses in Assisting the Ageing Population

Community Nurse

Australia is getting old. Not the country itself but the average age of its citizens. In fact, about 15% of Australians are older adults (65 years old and over), with this proportion expected to continue to grow in the coming years.  

With the country’s population getting older, we can’t ignore the importance of community aged care services. Specifically, we can’t overlook the critical role of nurses in helping the ageing population in Australia.  

What is a community nurse? What are the roles of nurses in caring for seniors in society, and how can you find a qualified community nurse

Who is a Community Nurse?  

A nurse is an individual that cares for the infirm or the sick in the community. Precisely, licensed healthcare practitioners have graduated from a nursing program and practice independently or under a physician to promote and maintain health.  

A community nurse is any nurse professional that practices nursing care outside hospitals. This could be the in-home nurses, the nurses practising in community hospitals, or aged-care care centres. 

What is the Role of Community Nurses in Promoting Healthy Ageing?  

The code of conduct for nurses provides legal requirements and professional expectations for nurses in any practice setting in Australia. The code requires all nurses to apply their nursing skills and knowledge, whether clinical or non-clinical, paid or unpaid, to enhance the quality of life for patients in the country.  

Community Nurses are responsible for using this code to improve the quality of life for the seniors in our society. Among the things they can do include: 

Create a Loving Community 

As your loved ones age, they tend to experience certain complications that can affect their social life. For instance, they may lose their motor skills or memory, making it hard to relate to others or maintain relationships. In turn, they may feel lonely and isolated, leading to stress,  anxiety, and depression.  

Community nurses offer your ageing loved ones the emotional support they need to overcome everyday challenges. They strive to create a loving community that embraces the old and allows them to reach their full potential.

Offer Person-Centered Practice 

As people become old, they are likely to develop problems that demand specific care provisions. For instance, they may want the house to be designed in a certain way to avoid falls or prefer certain specialised treatments.  

Community nurses ensure your loved ones receive care according to their needs, preferences, and values.  

Support the Community 

Seniors often require someone to check on them now and then. Since you or your relative can’t always be present, Community Nurses can come in to help seniors cope with their everyday problems.  

These nurses treat your loved ones in their homes, ensuring that they are supported in familiar surroundings. This has been demonstrated to be effective in improving the quality of life and health outcomes of seniors. 

How Can you Find a Qualified Nurse?  

When it comes to aged care, a qualified nurse with both expertise, qualifications and experience is essential. Unfortunately, finding such a nurse can be daunting, especially with the wide range of options available. 

Luckily, we may have a tip or two on how you can find the ideal nurse for your ageing  loved one, as discussed below: 

  • Find a nurse that exercises patience  
  • Look for a nurse who respects their patients 
  • Choose a nurse that practices active listening 
  • Find a nurse who shows empathy
  • Ensure they have a university degree or relevant study from a reputable academic institution
  • Verify they have a proven track record in providing the required care


To identify these qualities in a nurse, you can organize an interview with them. Also, speak with your loved ones about the topic and ensure they understand what it means for them to be under the care of a Community Nurse. 

Alternatively, you can find a community nurse from an NDIS-registered organisation.

OSAN Ability Has Some of Australia’s Most Talented Community Nurses

Getting a qualified nurse to take care of your loved one is key to improving their quality of life and independence outcomes. OSAN ABILITY is NDIS-registered and has a wide range of highly qualified Registered and Enrolled nurses that are well-equipped and trained to help seniors with any care requirements. Get in touch with us today to enquire about providing your loved ones with the care they need.

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