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Community Participation

As you get older, you feel the need to belong to a community and feel connected to people your age. As much as you would like spending time with your family, it is important to form your own socal circle. At OSAN Ability, we have a huge vision of forming different communities within our team with a range of community & social participation programs focused on empowering older adults & disabled persons. It can be incredibly hard and demotivating and these social activities can be beneficial and fulfilling.
We can help you feel connected to the community as it is one of the most important parts for all the elder adults & people with disability for both their physical & emotional well-being. That’s why OSAN Ability Assist provides a range of community & social participation programs

Our Approach

  • Understanding our client – As every individual has different needs, interests and hobbies. We offer the most holistic, outcome-focused community support.
  • Deciding on activities – We proceed to talk about the activities that could be performed and within the means of the client. This could involve activities that could boost creativity, intelligence, physical activities or technology.
  • Increasing your scope of activity – We are always encouraging you to try new things and experiences which might include arts & craft, technology or fitness activities
  • Individual – You can choose to learn skills individually or join a group.
  • Make friends – Make friends everyday with us. meeting new people at different social events will help you form connections. You would meet people with different walks of life with the same interests as you.

Support services available from us would include:

  • Recreational and leisure activities
  • Social groups to make new connections
  • Personal interest activities like art, woodwork, beauty, cooking and volunteering
  • Supported holidays.

Support services offered by OSAN Ability Assist under NDIS category include:

  • Day services
  • Social, recreational and leisure activities
  • Life skills development
Community Participation NDIS
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