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Energy Saving Tips For Elderly People


With growing age, we tend to lose energy and strength. Here are some energy saving tips from OSAN Ability Assist that you may consider if you are an elderly person:

Organise Your Surroundings

  • Keep frequently used items in easily accessible locations
  • Replace heavy items with lighter ones; for example use plastic plates
  • Install long handles on faucets and doorknobs
  • Adjust work spaces, such as raising a table top, to eliminate awkward positions; bad posture drains energy
  • Consider moving your bed to the ground floor to eliminate stair climbing

Reduce Unnecessary Effort

  • Sit rather than stand whenever possible: while preparing meals, washing dishes, ironing, etc.
  • Soak your dishes before washing, then let them air dry; or use paper plates and napkins
  • Use prepared foods when possible
  • Get a rolling cart to transport things around the house, rather than carry them

While Shopping

  • Organise list by aisles in the shop
  • Use a shopping trolley for support
  • Shop at less busy times, take someone with you to help
  • Try buying those clothes that don’t require ironing
  • See if your grocery store will deliver your groceries

Daily Activities

  • Plan everything beforehand to avoid rushing
  • Sit down to bathe and dry off.
  • Use a shower/bath organiser to decrease leaning and reaching
  • Use extension handles on sponges and brushes
  • Install grab rails in the bathroom or use an elevated toilet seat
  • Wear comfortable shoes and low-heeled, slip on shoes. Wear button front shirts rather than pullover shirts

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