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How to Prepare Your Home for Elderly Parents or Family Members

Elderly Home Care

Are you getting ready to take care of elderly parents or family members in your home? It can be a difficult transition, but with a little bit of preparation, you can make it a lot easier for them. We will discuss some tips for preparing your home for elderly loved ones. We will cover everything from modifying your home to accommodating their needs and beyond! So whether you’re just starting to think about the possibility of taking care of your parents at home or are already in the thick of it, this blog post is for you.

General Housekeeping

Here are some well-rounded changes you can consider making according to your elderly parents’/family members’ needs.

Ensuring they have enough space to move freely is extremely important in avoiding any potential accidents. Perhaps think about the interior of your floor plan, and rearrange the furniture so that it’s not too cluttered to ensure there is plenty of open space for them to move around. Opting for a comfortable furniture is another great tactic to make your aged family member feel at peace in their new environment.

Many seniors also have problems with their vision and/or hearing, so ensure that your home is well-lit and has contrasting colours to help with visibility. You may also want to add some auditory cues, like a doorbell that rings louder or a smoke detector with a loud sounding alarm system for safety purposes.

One of the most crucial things to be wary of are tripping hazards. Carpets and rugs are notoriously known to be a danger for the elderly. It is highly recommended that you remove them altogether, even if it’s just for a short while. In this day and age of Working from Home, you will find many loose cords, wires, and clutter lying around so it’s important to consider removing them from pathways to avoid any potential accidents.

Furthermore, make sure you are stacked up with toiletries supplied to sustain you and all household members to ensure they have everything they need. Additionally, have prescriptions handy for your elderly parents/family members and have a consistent supply of their medication ready to go, this way you can create a home that is more accommodating for their stay.

Home Modifications

Home Modifications are the changes made to your home to meet the needs of the elderly members. The primary goal of these alterations is to ensure they live comfortably and safely with you.

There are modifications available for certain spaces within a house, while some are even generic ones. They can be for areas in which the elderly family members will spend most of their time and frequently access such as the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.

First and foremost are the installation of steps, lifts, and stair climbers to help improve the accessibility of your home for elderly family members. Fitting handrails, lever taps, handheld shower hoses and similar modifications will be a big help. Some renovations will be major while others will be minor, it all depends on how long the elderly individual(s) will stay in your house and the extent of their limitations.

It’s important to ensure your elderly loved one has everything they need to have enough space to move around freely and comfortably. Try adding ramps where possible (great for wheelchair accessibility). Widen doorways and add grab bars in the bathroom so your family members can move around more easily. 

Consider Short & Medium Term Accommodation (Respite Care)

If you find these home preparations challenging, then another great option for you to consider is Short  Term Accommodation or otherwise known as Respite Care. This is when you temporarily place your elderly loved ones in a home that is specifically designed to meet their needs. There are many different types of respite care and can be for an overnight stay, a weekend, or even a week-long vacation.

Respite care comes in all shapes and sizes, so it is important to do your research on the best one for your elderly parents/family members. Locations can be specialised and serve individuals with special needs, for eg. elderly with dementia or those who are physically disabled amongst other specifications. Be rest assured, there is something available for everyone.

Another benefit of Short  Term Accommodation is the opportunity for your elderly family members to make new friends, participate in a range of daily activities as well as build and develop their skills and interests.

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