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Long-term care services


Old age can sometimes be associated with a loss of independence or freedom, as people lose the ability to perform tasks they learnt as teenagers or even as children. Options such as long-term care, also known as aged care in Sydney, Australia, can help people live as independently and safely as possible – especially within the comforts of their own home. Long-term care focuses on personalised aged care services to help maximise a person’s quality of life, adapting to their needs over time.

Activities of Daily Living (ADLS)

While there can be a medical element to long-term care, a large portion is actually non-medical in nature. Long-term care often involves help with everyday activities, like eating, washing, dressing and grooming. Your carer can also help you use the toilet, move around the house and garden and move from one place to another, like from a chair to your bed.

Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLS)

Long-term care services also include tasks that help a person organise their lives. These may include:

  • managing money
  • taking medication
  • grocery shopping
  • cooking and cleaning
  • using your phone or email
  • running errands
  • driving or helping with public transport.

Long-Term Care Locations

Long-term care is generally delivered in three different settings:

  • In the home
  • Respite facilities
  • Aged care facilities

There is an increasing preference for home-based long-term care, since people can still live within the comforts and familiarity of their own home. This has been made possible thanks to a growing team of professionals who are able to offer in-home support, enabling people to have greater control over the type of care they receive and their level of independence.

Home-Based Long-Term Care Services

Home-based long-term care can be formal or informal, performed either by unpaid family members or trained professional aged carers. Most informal home-based long-term care simply involves personal care (ADLS).

Home health care refers to a more formal type of home-based long-term care and is performed by skilled professionals. These trained professionals not only provide ADLS and IADLS, they also offer extra services, like:

  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Home health aide services

If you or your loved one are living at home and need support with daily activities, our team of support workers, registered nurses, occupational therapists, handymen and garden crew can help. Speak to our friendly staff on 1300 799 941 and we can help tailor a plan to suit your individual needs.

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