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7 Summer Safety Tips For Elderly

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Australian summer is often cherished for the outdoor activities, trips & picnics. Simultaneously, it is a time of concern for the older adults as excessive heat can augment the heat-related issues.  There have been bushfires and heat waves and this makes it unbearable for people especially older ones because their body is less tolerant compared to the younger generation. 

 Heat stress could happen when the body is not able to maintain a temperature that’s healthy. Some factors that increase the danger of warmth stress for older Australians include living reception alone, some medications and having ongoing health issues.

There are some simple safety measures we will fancy counter such heat-related issues. As long as you’re careful and continue some main safety tips, you’ll enjoy most of the summer activities you’ll be able to imagine.  Here are 7 summer safety tips for older adults that OSAN Ability Assist believe in :

Take adequate Liquid

Dehydration is one of the prime reasons for heat-strokes, making sure you drink plenty of water regularly to keep yourself well hydrated. Always limit intake of caffeinated drinks and alcohol, which could have a mild diuretic effect in summer. Don’t just depend on your body to inform you when you’re thirsty. one in all the numerous small frustrations of aging is that seniors dwindle, tuned in to their thirst. Be proactive in staying hydrated and confirm it’s water, sports drinks or juice that you’re drinking – sodas, coffee, and particularly alcohol won’t work nearly as good alternatives for hydration. 


Stay Indoor 

With the growing temperature, it’s important to remain indoors unless required otherwise. If you reside somewhere where it gets really hot, you must keep your plans for outdoor activities reasonably short. Don’t decide to spend the full time out within the sun – persist with a pair of hours and so head inside for a chance. 

 You don’t always feel the effect the sun is having on you at the moment, but it can build to something dangerous if you’re not careful to temper the time you spend outside on hot days. Avoid vigorous exercise and wear cool, comfortable clothing that’s light. Use a fan or air conditioner to reduce the temperature in your home. In case you don’t have air-conditioning, close your blinds or curtains and use a fan with a wet towel to make a difference (NOT recommended for older adults suffering from asthma). Moreover, going to a local air-conditioned shopping centre or the movies will provide you temporary reliefs. It is important to make some modifications depending on the people. These home modifications can help keep the house cool during summers and warm during the winter. 


If it’s necessary to travel out please confirm you wear a hat and sunscreen which will facilitate your health. Don’t forget to place on some sunglasses to shield your eyes. If you carry a handbag, keep sunscreen within the purse the least bit. If you don’t, stick some in your car or anywhere else you’ll think about where you’re likely to possess it once you need it. If you think that you would possibly forget to re-apply when needed, set yourself an alarm, just about all phones have that option nowadays.

Know the first warning signs of heat-related illnesses. 

Hopefully the following tips can help keep you from encountering a heat related illness, but you must still be prepared for the worst just just in case. Review the symptoms for dehydration, heat stroke, heat hyperpyrexia, and warmth syncope here. If you think you’re experiencing any of those, don’t be shy about speaking up and insisting on water, shade, or it slow inside in an air con. It’s better than a trip to the emergency. If you have a disability or older, there is a high risk that you might fall sick and this is why you need to be more careful.

 You can contact OSAN ABILITY at 1300 799 941 to know more about how to prevent and protect yourself and if you are eligible to obtain funds to support for agedcare.


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