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Understanding the types of aged care services

Aged care

In Australia, there is a range of aged care options available, from in-home care to residential aged care. The type of care that is right for you will depend on your individual needs and circumstances. 

You also want to keep in mind that as you age, your needs and level of care might change. Let’s go through a couple of the options so you can get an idea of what option is best for you. 

  • In-home care

This is one of the most preferred options for elderly Australians because they can receive care from the comfort of their home. You can still live independently and have your own familiar space while a support worker helps you with the day-to-day tasks. 

Nowadays, the level of service is quite good. The support worker can help you cook, clean, shop, and also help with more personal care like showing, dressing, and eating. It’s flexible to what you need.   

In-home care is usually provided by government-funded organisations or private providers. If you are looking for a great in-home care service, OSAN Ability offers a full range of services. 

  • Residential aged care

This aged care service is common if you struggle to live independently, and require a bit more care. Residential aged care facilities offer around-the-clock support and ensure you are cared for in every aspect of daily living. 

You’ll have a private room in the home, and have access to cooked meals, amenities, and social activities. The benefit of a residential aged care facility is that you are around other people and have 24/7 support. 

  • Respite care

Respite care is a form of short-term care designed to give primary caregivers a break. That means if you have a family member, partner, or friend looking after you, they can use respite care to provide for you while they take some time off. 

Being a caregiver can be stressful and they will need a break from time to time. With this service both you and the caregiver can rest easy knowing that everyone is looked after. Respite care can be in-home or at a residential care facility. You can read more about respite care to understand the what’s and the how’s

  • Community care

Community care services are designed to offer support for older Australian who prefer to remain at home, but still need some level of support. It’s comfortable it’s accessible and you can stay at home. 

These services often include meals on wheels, transportation services, social activities, and home maintenance services — things for everyday living. Community care comes from government-funded organisations and private providers. If you’re 65 or older you’re eligible for these services regardless of income or assets. Read more here.

Choosing the right type of aged care

Primarily the choice comes down to what aged care option can you afford. Generally, private aged care options are going to be the best, that being said, there are still great government-backed options. 

After you figure out your budget, you want to figure out logistics, the location, and how close it is to family and friends. Then it’s time to ensure that the service provider can support your needs. 


The decision to move into aged care is a difficult one, especially if it means leaving our home. That’s why it’s important to shop around and really find a place or option that is comfortable for you. 

You can ask your friends and family, or even your GP. Taking the time to research will ensure you have a great time while you are there. If you are looking for general in-home care or advice, OSAN Ability can help you today.

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