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A Guide to Transport Assistance for NDIS Participants

NDIs transport assistance

If you are an NDIS participant that needs help getting from point A to B, you may be wondering what your options are? Luckily, transport assistance is available to help you get out and about. In this guide, we will discuss what transport assistance is, what’s included, and the different options available to you. We will also provide tips on how to work with your support coordinator to build a transport schedule that’s best suited for you!

What is Transport Assistance?

Transport assistance is a way for NDIS participants to receive help in getting from one place to another. This is inclusive of but not limited to when traveling between your home and an appointment or transport assistance getting from A to B on a shopping trip. Transportation can be provided by taxi, bus, or specialised vehicles. These vehicles are typically designed to be wheelchair accessible so that NDIS participants have no trouble getting in and out.

If transport assistance is something you require, it’s important to know that this service can be funded as a support option for anyone currently on NDIS.  With transport assistance, NDIS participants can move around freely and get to where they need to go without having to worry about transport arrangements.

There are various levels of transport funding available. So, if this is something you require, speak with your Plan Manager about what level of transport assistance funding is available to you.

What’s Included in Transportation Assistance?

Private Transport Assistance

This is using a private transport service funded by your NDIS plan. It could include transport assistance using a taxi service or uber or scheduling a specially designed vehicle to pick you up and move you to a location of your choice. Moreover, it’s important you’re also able to move spontaneously to complete your shopping or go see your family and friends if need be.

Community Transport Assistance

Depending on your location, community transport assistance may be available to you. This is a specially designed shuttle bus that will take you to your chosen destination. The bus is wheelchair accessible and will typically stop at a number of locations so that it’s easy for you to get to your desired location.

Public Transport Assistance

This is transport assistance provided by public transport services such as trains and buses. The NDIS will fund the cost of travel for you if certain criterias are met. For example, if it’s not possible for you to use public transport without transport assistance, then your NDIS plan would fund travel expenses.

You can also have your Carer or Support Worker join you while travelling should you feel uncomfortable travelling alone. This allows you to travel with someone you know and trust.

Think About a Transport Schedule

A transport schedule can save you a lot of mental energy and time having to think about where you need to be. This is a calendar that includes all your transport arrangements for the week or month. It generally includes appointments, transport to and from activities, and shopping trips.

Your Plan Manager can help you create a transport schedule that best suits your needs. Having this in place will mean you’re always organised and ready for anything! It’s also a good idea to add details regarding any kinds of medication you may be taking, should there be an emergency transport situation.

Get in Touch With OSAN For Help With Transport Assistance

If transport assistance is something you need, NDIS can help. Contact your plan manager today to see what’s available! Transport assistance can provide freedom and independence enabling participants to go places they haven’t been.

If you would like more information on transport assistance and how transport funding can help, be sure to contact us today! At OSAN our team of experienced Plan Managers will work with you to understand your transport needs and the types of assistance available. We’ll also take care of all the transport funding paperwork so you don’t have to worry about a thing!

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