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Covid 19 Update: NDIS Supports


The NDIA is continuing to monitor and react to the requirements of NDIS participants during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The NDIA wants to reassure all participants that we will always work with participants and families to ensure NDIS plan budgets have enough funding to access the disability-related supports they need.

For clarity, a temporary coronavirus (COVID-19) loading of 10 per cent has been put in place for some service items – to ensure providers can continue to provide important services during these unprecedented times. It does not apply to all supports – and the measure is time-limited.

No NDIS participant is disadvantaged by this loading. Where there is enough scope within the funded plan that the NDIS provides, it will cover this time-limited additional payment, however, if you do need additional assistance or NDIS plan funds are low, you can also call us on 1800 800 110. The NDIA Contact Centre has special teams of planners available to discuss your situation and undertake a plan review if needed.

To date, the NDIA has only seen a small amount of plan adjustments required as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The NDIA is also currently contacting around 62,000 participants considered to be at higher risk during the pandemic.

It’s important to note that these calls are intended to ensure participants have the supports they need during this unprecedented time. They are not plan reviews – rather an opportunity to talk to the NDIA about any concerns or needs.

If your situation has changed, these conversations may lead to a plan review but only in agreement with the participant, family or advocate.

The NDIA will continue to monitor and respond to the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic to enable the continuation of critical disability support services.

For more information, see our coronavirus (COVID-19) information for participants


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