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How to use NDIS funding?

NDIS funding

How to use NDIS funding

Not sure about the uses of your funds provided by the NDIS? You’re not alone. Many of our participants are confused as well, so we’ve put together this handy guide to help make it easier for you.

How can I use the money in my budget?

 Each support in your plan has a budget. These funds are put in a support category, based on the reason you need that support. You can’t use money from one budget and pay it on a different support category, but there is a variety of supports you can fund in each category. However, if you have a ‘STATED SUPPORT’, you have to use your budget to buy those support.

What will the NDIS NOT pay for?

NDIS will only pay for supports that are reasonable and essential – Meaning supports that you need. Groceries are not included in the budget, but NDIS will pay the support person to take you shopping if that’s the support you need.

Think of all the items any non-disabled person pays for themselves. The NDIS doesn’t pay for these. 

  1. Some of the stuff you can use your NDIS funding includes are occupational therapy.
  2. assistive technology such as a power wheelchair.
  3. continence products.

Can I use NDIS money for a holiday?

No, NDIS does not pay for your holidays, but it will fund supports that help you with your holiday. For example, NDIS will pay for a companion to help you with luggage and other tasks such as talk to airport or hotel staff and support you during your trip.

Will the NDIS pay for household help like cleaning and gardening?

 The NDIS funds household helps such as having someone to clean or cook at home if it’s a reasonable and necessary support for you.

Will the NDIS fund car and/or home modifications?

 The NDIS may pay for the maintenance of your car, van, or home, but these must have to be reasonable and a necessity.

Will the NDIS fund a service dog?

 The NDIS won’t pay for buying a therapy dog, but they may pay for home renovation and the cost of having a dog if it’s necessary.

Will the NDIS fund sport and exercise activities?

 The NDIS will not be paying for your sporting fees, but they will fund support that helps you engage in sport and exercise.

How are prosthetic limbs funded under the NDIS?

 The NDIS will fund prosthetic limbs that are suited for your disability and your goals.

Does the NDIS fund medical expenses?

 The NDIS will pay for medical therapy if it’s related to your disability. They also pay for support to help you get to your appointments if it’s reasonable and necessary. Medicine, doctor’s visits or surgery, are covered by other government branches and not NDIS.

Will the NDIS fund education?

The NDIS will pay toward the supports that help you get your education, but other groups are better for paying for things like fees, tutors, and changes to school buildings.

Does the NDIS fund transport?

The NDIS also pays for your transport if you can’t manage public transport or if you’re not part of any taxi scheme, and it’s reasonable and a necessity.

Can support coordination be part of my plan?

 You may be able to possess support coordination as part of your plan. You should also think about how you want to run your supports, before going to your planning meeting.

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NDIS provides funding for these services and you can contact an NDIS approved provider like OSAN to make sure that you or your loved one is getting these services. If you have any questions regarding any of the mentioned topics, contact OSAN ABILITY to discuss your situation and how you can get the help you need. 

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