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Love is for Everyone

Valentines Day in Disabled Community

Love Is for Everyone

Many people assume that people with disabilities live sheltered lives and either doesn’t easily experience love or have no desire for romance. That could not be further from the truth in many cases, so we’ve interviewed some lovebirds for you – just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Meet Tim and Ellie

Tim and Ellie fell in love 5 years ago through online dating. Tim is in a wheelchair and had the perfect way to screen potential dates: He was open about his disability and added photos that included his wheelchair.

He figured, ‘If my disability stops someone from connecting with me, why would I want to date them?’

Ellie saw a kind, adventurous man when he popped up on her screen and was excited to get to know him. They connected and the rest, as they say, is history.

Ellie says, ‘I’m constantly enlightening people about life with a partner who is in a wheelchair. No, I’m not his carer and it’s far from boring! Tim has a thirst for adventure, and we spend our time together taking chances and embracing opportunities.’


Meet Sarah and Felix

Sarah and Felix treasure their relationship like no one else they know. They’re both on the autism spectrum and have faced the stigma often associated with disability. Sarah and Felix know what it feels like to be disconnected and lonely, but their relationship changed all that.

Sarah says, ‘Spending time with Felix was so easy, so natural. It was an incredible feeling to share such a special connection with someone right from the start.’

Felix can’t stop smiling when he talks of Sarah, ‘We’re best friends. I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to meet Sarah. Having a disability can be challenging but finding ways to meet people is a great way to overcome obstacles.’

People with disabilities face the same dating challenges as everyone else: nerves, self-doubt, frustration with not meeting the right person…the list goes on. They may also have fewer opportunities to meet people or feel more isolated.

The NDIS is a great resource for creating social opportunities that give people with disabilities the chance to meet friends, supports and maybe even a romantic partner. 

Discuss how NDIS could work for you with one of our consultants today.

With social calendars sorted, our couples agree on one piece of advice for people with and without disabilities:

Be true to yourself and embrace who you are. No one is perfect and pretending to be anything but yourself will leave you wasting time on someone who is not right for you.

*We have changed the names and pictures of our couples to protect their privacy, as they were keen to share their stories but preferred to keep their identity private.

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