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NDIS Approved vs Non-Approved Disability Care Providers – Which one you should opt for?

NDIS registed Vs Unregistered Providers

When it comes to opting for a disability service, people may often get confused between NDIS-approved and NDIS-non-approved providers. The providers that are approved work directly in compliance with the policy, rules, quality standards and price guide set up by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA).

Non-Approved Providers on the other hand are private players who do not come under the NDIS or those who are not yet qualified. They provide services related to disability and aged care. 

Consider this blog as a guidance sheet that may help you make quick decisions as to which providers meet your immediate needs


NDIS Approved Service Providers

 The National Disability Insurance Scheme is an initiative of the Australian government that avails people with disability, enrol to various kinds of support services defined by its quality standards, excellent plans tailored to meet the different needs of the participants with the benefits of its funding scheme designed as per the requirements of the service seeker. 

Under the NDIS, participants can enjoy the benefits of wider services such as Short term accommodation (also known as respite care), Medium term Accommodation, Specialist Disability Accommodation, Social and Community participation and many more that excels the direct needs of the participant’s journey towards independence.

However, it should be kept in mind the participant willing to enrol in the scheme will have to meet certain criteria set by the NDIS. Those are: 

  • The participant must have an Australian citizenship, should be a Permanent Resident or Protection Visa Holders
  • The participant must be above 7 and  under 65 years of age 
  • The requirement is related to participant’s disability 
  • The Participant requires support for daily activities 


Non- Approved Service Providers 

Non-approved providers work under highly competitive rates and are not bound by the price guidelines set up by the NDIS. Starting off with them is quicker with less documentation and auditing process. 

They may not have a fixed rate for the services and may provide services with varying and competitive prices. These service providers are able to work directly with the participants and can suggest different kinds of support services designed to meet their ultimate requirements and help them walk towards the journey to independence. 

However, since non-approved providers do not directly come under the compliance of NDIS, they may not get audited and cannot be investigated by the NDIA. An investigation usually occurs when there is a complaint from the participant. This in fact, indicates that there will be ineffective legal abilities. 



While it is recommended to opt for approved service providers, one should note that both providers are into similar services. People may often find themselves opting for NDIS-approved service providers, and some may opt for other providers taking into account their goals and requirement. If you are looking for a professional disability service provider, get in touch with us today.

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