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Speech Therapy For Your Child In Home: NDIS Provider’s Tips


If you are treating your child with a specialist like speech pathologist, they will likely give you a big list of activities and games you can play each day to build on their therapy sessions. Obviously, these activities are quite essential. If your child is finding it hard to do by him/herself, you can help them guide in it.

Here what OSAN Ability Assist, one of the leading NDIS service providers in town suggests for the parents to deal with your child’s speech therapy at home.

Let Your Child Make the Choice

Let your child’s interests help him/her out. Allow them to choose a toy of his/her choice. Once he/she makes a choice ask him/her to express what is so unique about the toy or what makes that particular toy attract him/her. It will help the child express his/her thoughts more freely.

Let Your Child Be a Good Observer

A good observation is always needed to express anything; be it a simple toy or a thesis paper. Simply put, a good observer is more prominent in expressing his/her thoughts. For that purpose, you can ask him/her to see and observe the things around him/her, their shape, colour etc. The more he/she observes, the more he/she can express.

Make comments not questions.

Testing is not language learning, and it is more valuable to have two-way conversations.

Extend Your Child’s Interest.

Sometimes asking them to do something directly can make them uninterested. For example; instead of saying, “Read the book”, You can say like, “I want you to read this book and this is quite interesting”. This can help grow interest in them and that can assist them to express freely.

Encourage Them to Engage in Something New.

Expose them to new vocabulary and new concepts. Encourage them to interact with the book by asking questions and make your own comments.

Have Patience & Stay Positive

Always remember that speech, language and communication are all different things. They are complex skills and it takes time for children to learn and grow. So, stay positive and focused as a parent. Every child loves applause and positive reinforcement. it helps build their confidence and will encourage them to try again next time.

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