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The Qualities You Should Look for In an NDIS Carer

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A great carer is priceless. The physical, emotional, and practical support they provide to your loved ones helps combat loneliness, promote independence, and even prolong life.

Unfortunately, the perfect carer is hard to come by. That’s because being a carer is a challenging job that relies on the right combination of personality, skills, qualities, and qualifications. It also requires some level of patience, the ability to be conscientious and compassionate. Few people have these qualities.

What qualities should you be looking for when searching for the best home care services? What qualifications, skills, and traits should you look for? In this post, we look at the essential attributes that can make an individual a great carer.

What Makes an Amazing NDIS Carer?

Carers can sometimes spend years with those they look after so it’s important to choose a carer that exhibits the right qualities.

Below, we’ll look at some of the qualities you need to look for in a carer.

  •       Caring: You need a carer that will care, interact, and listen to your loved one – a person that has a genuine concern for the welfare of others. You’ll need to hire an individual that’s conscientious by nature.
  •       Respectful: Look for a carer that treats all behavioral, religious, cultural differences with the utmost respect. These are the caregivers that can foster the best working relationships with you or your loved one.
  •       Flexible: Care jobs vary. No one day is the same. That’s why you’ll need a flexible carer who can adapt to the daily needs and preferences of those who need their help.
  •       Friendly: The elderly or persons living with disabilities often experience episodes of stress and anxiety. Having an open and approachable carer is paramount to helping those who need care feel safe and secure.
  •       Reliable: They show up on time and do exactly what’s needed to put the well-being of their clients first.
  •       Trustworthy: Trust is the foundation of any relationship between a client and a carer. Remember that your loved ones will be working with a carer when they are most vulnerable, so it’s vital to hire someone you can trust.

What Traits should they have?

The personality traits reflect individuals’ characteristic patterns of feelings, thoughts, and behaviours. You’ll need a carer with certain personality traits to ensure your loved one is in safe hands.

Here are some of the traits to look for in a carer:





        Being present



You may also want a physically fit individual who can help your loved one with movement around the house.

What Skills?

Carers need specific skills to provide quality care to their loved ones. They need to be empathetic, and respectful, and have good communications skills, as discussed below:

Empathy and respect: A carer works with individuals with a wide range of communication styles, needs, sensitivities, symptoms, and levels of mobility. Taking care of such people requires them to have compassion, respect, and empathy. They should be understanding and supportive to their clients.

Facilitation: A carer’s role is to support your loved ones goals and help them lead an independent life.

Communication: A carer should have excellent communication skills to create a good relationship with your loved one. You’ll want to hire someone with whom your loved ones can talk and share their problems.

Adaptability: The needs of the elderly and people living with disabilities vary based on their age, interests, personality, and disabilities. A carer should adapt to the needs of your loved one. They should be able to approach each client’s needs in a way that suits them.

What Qualifications?

Another thing you’ll need to consider in a carer is their qualifications. In Australia, a caregiver should have completed vocational training in disability or community services. They may have either of the following qualifications:

        Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing, Home, and Community)

        Certificate IV in Disability

Also, a carer with first aid certification is a plus for the safety of your loved one at all times.

Where can I find the suitable carer?

A great carer is key to improving the health and quality of life of your loved one. Their practical and emotional support helps your loved ones overcome stress, lead a quality life, and live independently. A great carer should have all of the qualities, traits, qualifications, and skills discussed above.

You’ll find such Carers at OSAN Ability Assist. Here, we offer fantastic Support Workers and Carers who love what they do. We only hire and work with Australia’s best carers. Contact us today for more information.

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