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Things you can do with NDIS Transport Assistance

NDIS transport assistance for disabled people

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides funding for a range of supports and services to help people with disability achieve their goals.

One of the areas of support you may receive funding for is transport. This assistance can cover the cost of fares, travel training, and other support services.

You may be wondering what sorts of things you can use your transport assistance funding for. Here are a few ideas to get started.

Access Community Services

One of the main things that NDIS transport assistance can be used for is accessing community activities. 

NDIS Community Support

This could include going to appointments, attending social groups or clubs, and participating in activities at day programs or respite care. 

In this manner, the participants can benefit through vast exposure from travelling to learning new things along with other participants. 

Get to and from the appointment

Participants are frequently on the move, routine checkups are a must to make sure you are doing well with the treatment. 

Travelling to doctors appointment

This includes appointments with your doctor, therapist, or any other healthcare provider. As a great solution, NDIS Transport Assistance can be a great relief to travel to and from appointment locations frequently. 

Shopping for Necessities

Going out to purchase necessary items can be a great way to journey towards independence. This could include going to the grocery store, the pharmacy, or other places where you need to purchase items.

Shopping for necessities

However, travelling can be challenging as the participants must be taken care of and must be assisted throughout the shopping process. 

The good news is, you can access the NDIS transportation facilities to fulfil your shopping needs and most importantly you will be able to enjoy the process followed by more learning.   

Access Emergency Services

You never know when an emergency will knock on your door, therefore you should always be prepared in advance. 

Access to emergency service

Travelling can be a daunting task, and it may be challenging for participants to get to the support service as quickly as possible to receive treatment when an emergency arises. 

NDIS Transport Assistance can be a good source to avail in these situations, resulting in great help whenever an emergency arises. 

Access transport information

You can use NDIS Transport Assistance to access transport information. This includes information on taxis, public transport, or private transport services. 

You can also use NDIS Transport Assistance to access information on your travel routes and schedule to make your travel smooth and flexible. 

Now you know the things you can achieve through NDIS Transportation assistance. Make use of it the best! 


OSAN Ability in conjunction with the NDIS transport Assistance fund provides safe travelling assistance service. If you have transport assistance service in your NDIS you will be able to avail it for visiting medical appointments, Accessing community services and many more. 

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