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Turning 65?; Here’s What Happens to Your NDIS Plan

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If you’re an NDIS participant, you might be wondering what happens to your plan when you turn 65. After all, the National Disability Insurance Scheme is designed to provide support for people with a disability aged between 7 and 65. So what happens when you reach retirement age?

If you are an NDIS participant, your plan will continue 

The good news is that your NDIS support will continue even after you turn 65. However, there are a few things that will change. For starters, you’ll no longer have to pay the NDIS access fee. This is the fee that every NDIS participant is required to pay in order to access the scheme. 

In addition, your NDIS plan will be reviewed once you reach retirement age. This is because your needs might have changed since you last had your plan reviewed. For example, you might need less support now that you’re retired and don’t have to work anymore. Alternatively, you might need more support due to age-related health conditions.

Since NDIS is dedicated to providing disability care services, it sums up that after 65 you might want to utilise your NDIS plan after retirement and for your disability support needs during your ageing.

What if you wish to join the NDIS plan after you reach the age of 65? 

The possibility of joining the NDIS plan as a participant is limited to the age of 7 to 65, and any person willing to enrol in the NDIS plan will not be able to do so. But, if you acquire the plan between the age of 7 to 65, you will be able to continue the plan and enjoy the benefits such as in home respite care services, enabling you to spend your retirement with utmost relief.

If you want to join the aged care-related services fund after age 65, programmes like my aged care offered by the Australian government might be the best fit since you are primarily interested in finding old services.


Turning 65 doesn’t mean the end of your NDIS journey. While there are some changes that will happen, such as no longer having to pay the access fee and having your plan reviewed, you’ll still be able to receive the support you need. So don’t worry – your NDIS journey doesn’t have to end just because you’re retiring!

However, it is important to remember that a new enrollee who has already reached the age of 65 is not eligible for the plan. My aged care, a project that specialises in providing care for elderly individuals, will be the ideal fit for you.  Read Applying for NDIS: A How-to Guide to know more about the eligibility criteria. 

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