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Will NDIS cover my rent expenses

The NDIS does provide funding for a range of supports and services which is able to help participants maintain independence and gain skills. When an individual applies for the NDIS, they will create short-term and long-term goals for any price from accessing the community to finding employment or studying at university. 

The NDIS would also provide funding for the home modifications, if needed. It can also contribute to the value of accommodation in situations where a participant includes a need for specialised housing. During this article, we will outline the eligibility requirements to receive assistance with rent, and therefore the different plans which might facilitate your housing costs.

At OSAN Ability, we are a registered NDIS disability care provider. We want to facilitate you to achieve the goals that have been outlined in your NDIS plan, to make sure and match it with a carer who can meet your preferences.

Can the NDIS help with my rent?

For most participants, the NDIS doesn’t cover funding for the rent. But in some cases, the NDIS participants might apply for Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) or Supported Independent Living (SIL). 

SIL providers are often differentiated from SDA providers so participants do change the support without having to alter the other. The participants who do  have SDA could plan this can still have access to other SIL supports.

An NDIA planner will facilitate your plan and tell you whether you qualify for SDA or SIL, or in some cases, both.


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