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Government Announces New Funding Round for the NDIS


The NDIS is receiving a shakeup this year with $398 million in extra funding and changes to the Information, Linkages and Capacity (ILC) Building program. New opportunities for participants and providers will be available as early as March and the funding is expected to be available over the next four years.

What Is the ILC?

The ILC program is integral to the success of the NDIS. It has provided many short-term grant programs and aims to help all people with disability to access important services and connect within the community. The outcome is improved independency and capability for all NDIS participants.

How Is the ILC changing?

A key difference in the new ILC approach is longer-term grant programs that focus on set strategic priorities. This will help the ILC to be more effective and bring about much-needed change quickly.

How Can I Benefit from the New ILC Approach?

The improved ILC program will:

  • make it easier for you and your family and friends to access information and support specific to your unique needs
  • focus on helping you and your support network build essential skills that can help you feel confident in social situations.
  • build skills that help you join the workforce and manage your money
  • create other pathways that help you achieve your goals via mainstream services instead of only through specialist disability services
  • make sure you have access to organisations that are either run by people with disability and their families or those who are invested in helping people with disability
  • reduce duplication and improve consistency across the program so you can always access the right information at the right time.

How Will the ILC Offer These Improvements?

The improved ILC program is made up of four complementary programs that will be offered progressively from July. These are:

  1. Individual Capacity Building Program
    This program aims to help you and your personal support network build skills by accessing valuable mentoring and improved support from peers.
  2. National Information Program
    The aim of this program is to make sure you have access to information that is both relevant to you and up to date. This information will help you access the right community supports and services.
  3. Economic and Community Participation Program
    This program focuses on participation. It will help you join the workforce, participate in social activities and find community supports that suit your needs. It will also work to make sure both communities and employers are inclusive and aware of how they can support people with different needs.
  4. Mainstream Capacity Building Program
    This program is critical to improving how people with disability access and use mainstream services that all Australians use in their daily lives.

How OSAN Ability Assist Can Help

At OSAN Ability Assist, we are excited about the new opportunities these developments will create. We plan to embrace the new and improved ILC program, so we can offer you all of the benefits that come with it. If you would like to connect with us and see how we can help you improve your life, call us today on 1300 799 941.

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