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NDIS Registered Provider

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NDIS Registered Provider

24/7 Support and Accommodation for NDIS Participants Disability & Aged Care Service Provider Sydney OSAN Ability 1300 799 941

OSAN ABILITY is a NDIS registered (National Disability Insurance Scheme) Provider based in Sydney specialised in Disability Support, Disability Accommodation (SDA, Short Term, Medium Term), Community Participation, Domestic Assistance, Allied Health, and In-Home Aged Care.

NDIS is a reform that aims to improve the lives of people
with disability in Australia. As a registered and approved NDIS service provider in Sydney, OSAN Ability
is able to provide you with choice and control by providing world class support.

We provide individualised support to people with disability and assist in managing existing support systems. We are also an approved provider for Aged Care (In Home Care) Services. We work closely with the participant, their family, support coordinators and plan managers to provide quality support and resources to help them achieve their goals. 

Registered NDIS Provider in Sydney providing a range of services to the participants.

Disability Support and Aged Care

NDIS Provider

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a national scheme that  helps with funding that is necessary for supporting people with a disability.

Aged Care

We provide you with in-home aged care services to support and care for your loved one. Our aged care workers are certified and we make sure to find you the ideal one for support.

Disability Housing

We offer short, medium and long term accommodations for people with disability. Our disability housing is supported with 24/7 support workers.

Allied Health Support

We offer a wide range of therapeutic services to help restore, increase and maintain optimal physical function and general well-being.

Am I Eligible?

Find out what support you are eligible to apply for

Our Team

We have a diverse team with many ethnic and cultural background

NDIS Services

We Provide a wide Range of services approved by NDIS to all the participants

Our Story

In the service of humanity

From humble beginnings, OSAN Ability Assist is now extensively recognised as leaders in disability support and Aged Care services. Because, We are an approved provider under the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme). Moreover, Our passionate team of aged care support in various locations around the country provide supported living services to older people, people with disabilities, and their carers who are living in their own home or living with others.

On the other hand, our top priority is providing services to assist you with greater independence and improved well-being. We work with you to meet your requirements, wishes and goals.


If you are eligible, you will need to call NDIS on 1800 800 110 to request an Access Request Form. You may need input from your GP or medical specialist/s as well as copies of any assessment, health care reports or other forms of evidence to support your application. If you already have this information readily available, you are off to a good start with planning for your planning meeting with NDIS! Once you have your Access Request Form, you have 21 business days to return it to NDIS for processing. We are happy to offer you advice on this if you need it.
Once the NDIS have received and processed your Access Request Form, a Local Area Coordinator will contact you to arrange a planning meeting. While you are waiting for this call, it is a good idea to start thinking about what support you need and what you would like in your plan. We are happy to help you gather your thoughts so you are prepared for your meeting.
OSAN Ability Assist can support you and work with you to develop your goals, listen to your needs, preferences and work with you to develop your support plan so you feel ready for your meeting with NDIS. We can talk to you over the phone or meet with you at a location convenient to you. There is no obligation to receive services from OSAN Ability Assist.

Your Planning Meeting can be either face to face in a location convenient to you, or over the phone with a NDIS Planner or a Local Area Coordinator. During this meeting, you’ll be asked about your goals and your day to day life. This is where your NDIS Planning Workbook is helpful. You can bring along a family member, friend or advocate to support you in your planning meeting if you desire. In your meeting, you’ll also be asked to choose a Plan Management Option, which determines who will manage your NDIS Plan and funding.

You may meet more than once in order to create a plan you feel comfortable with. Once you are happy with the plan you have developed with the Planner or Local Area Coordinator, they will submit your plan to the NDIS for approval. You will be advised of the outcome soon after and will be able to start using your funding based on your approved plan.

This is an important decision which will determine who manages your NDIS Plan and funding.

You options are :

Self-managing any part of your NDIS funding or budget gives you choice and control over the people that you pay to support you. Self-management means you are responsible for requesting and paying the invoices related to the supports you have received through your NDIS plan.

Plan Manager
A registered plan management provider manages the NDIS funding for supports on your behalf. You can receive supports from service providers who are both registered and not registered with the NDIS.

NDIS (Agency) Managed
In this option, service providers claim directly from the NDIS when a support has been provided. The NDIS will only engage service providers who are registered with the NDIS.

Once you have an approved plan, you will need to choose service providers who best suit your needs. Your Planner or Local Area Coordinator will issue you with an access code for myGov where you can then access your NDIS plan through the NDIS Participant Portal. This is also where you can see your budget, service bookings and other information related to NDIS.

You will be supported through this process by your Planner or Local Area Coordinator. Or you can choose to access one or more service providers to provide the supports approved in your plan. Otherwise, You will need to have a service agreement in place with each provider.

Feel free to speak to our friendly staff about some hints and tips on how the system works.


  • Community Nursing Care
  • Household Tasks/Cleaning/Gardening
  • Assist Personal Activities
  • Assistance with Travel/Transport arrangements
  • Home Modification Design & Construction
  • Personal Mobility Equipment
  • Personal Mobility Equipment
  • Assistive Products for Personal Care and Safety
  • Innovative Community Participation
  • Plan Management
  • Exercise Physiology and Physical Wellbeing Activities
  • Vehicle Modifications
  • Vision Equipment
  • Accommodation/Tenancy assistance
  • Interpretation/Translation
  • Assistive Equipment for Recreation
  • Hearing Equipment
  • Assistive Products for Household Tasks


  • Home Modification – Design & Construction
  • Household tasks/cleaning/gardening
  • Assistance with travel & transport
  • Communication and Information Equipment
  • Therapeutic Supports
  • Specialised Driver Training
  • Custom Prosthetics
To speak to one of our expert staff regarding NDIS Services, please contact us

Life is unpredictable and things can change! Your NDIS plan will be formally reviewed after 12 months, but if something changes in the meantime, you can have your plan changed to suit your needs.

Book a free personalised in-home consult to discuss your changing needs further and get the most out of your review.

If it’s more convenient to you, you can visit your nearest NDIS office for an Access Request Form. You will find NDIS office locations here To help you with developing your plan, NDIS have provided a workbook for people to start writing down goals, ideas and needs. Click here to view a pdf version of My NDIS Planning Workbook Keep this workbook as a reference and make changes as you need to. You can also attend NDIS workshops and information sessions to help you understand more about the NDIS. Check out our blog page to see when and where these sessions are being held.


We provide 24/7 support and accommodation. Call Us and discuss your needs and preferences.
We are here to help!

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