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ndis disability care

Exploring the domain of NDIS disability care can be complex. Even today, many are unaware of the huge potential of NDIS funding. Initiated by the Australian government, the NDIS has been designed not only to offer funding for care to the people with disability, but also to promote autonomy and help them make informed decisions about the life they want to lead.

For those who are wondering about the intricacies of the NDIS funding, here one of the leading registered NDIS providers, OSAN Ability will be sharing some important facts that would help you in your NDIS journey.

Introduction to the NDIS

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) acts as a medium for the people with disability to receive funding for the right disability care and support services to meet their needs and achieve their desired goals.

To be an eligible NDIS participant, one should be aged between 9 years and 65 years and must be living with significant and permanent disability. For the children younger than 9 can get the support of early childhood approach whereas the older adults over 65 can receive various other developmental care services.

Exploring The NDIS Funding

NDIS funding can be categorised into different support categories and each category is tailored to mitigate unique needs of the participants. Before we explore the funding, it is quite important to know about these categories and their benefits.

There are three prime categories of supports and services offered by the NDIS which are as follows:

  • Core

Under this category, an NDIS participant can get professional assistance to perform their daily routine activities, everyday household chores, assistance with social and community participation and help with transportation.

  • Capacity Building

In this category, a participant is provided with assistance aimed at achieving their personalised goals along with promoting independence and skill development.

  • Capital Support

Under this category support is provided for specific items including personal care, assistive technologies, mobility equipment and home or vehicle modifications.

To know more about the plan and budget disbursement rule of these three categories, you can visit here

How NDIS Funding Can be Used

Your NDIS funding can be used for a comprehensive range of disability support services which are professionally offered by OSAN Ability.

  • Accommodation Services

You can avail funding for accommodation that suits your needs. At OSAN Ability, we have developed a tailored, adaptable housing model that caters to both independent and shared living preferences for NDIS participants.

Our wide range of disability housing options (Short & Medium term) in Sydney, NSW, ensure that people with disabilities can find the most suitable accommodation according to their own specific choice and circumstances.

Our Supported Independent Living options with most compassionate support workers available 24 hours a day to help NDIS participants with their daily living activities. For those who require high level of support to mitigate their needs, we have Specialist Disability Accommodation. Both the choices are imperative for those who are looking to get their goals achieved by leading an independent life.

  • Therapeutic and Allied Health Services

As a participant, you can get funding for a wide range of therapeutic and allied health services. At OSAN Ability we cater for various therapies such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, psychology and exercise physiology which play crucial role in dealing with both physical and behavioural disabilities.

  • Community Participation

One of the undeniable factors that assist participants live independently is by living amongst their own community with social engagements. This is where our social and community participation programs excel. To facilitate greater community engagement, the NDIS offers funding for social and recreational activities.

At OSAN Ability, we understand the significance of community participation services in generating a sense of independence and inclusivity for the people with disability. That’s why we take special care with every individual participant and promote a sense of belonging where no one feels isolated.

  • Support Coordination

If you are finding it hard to understand your NDIS plan and looking to use it for maximum benefits, our experienced support coordinators can help. Our team works closely with you to help you get the most out of your NDIS plans. We not only offer assistance in connecting you with the right service providers but also make sure that you make positive progress towards achieving their desired goals.

Looking To Know How We Can Maximise Your NDIS Plan?

At OSAN Ability, we know no two individuals are the same, and neither their needs and requirement. That’s why we have tailored specific care strategies, ensuring everyone gets their unique needs mitigated. Our core values are focused on providing our participants with the support and services that help alleviate their NDIS journey with getting their individual goals and aspirations achieved.

Start Your NDIS Journey With OSAN Ability

At OSAN Ability, we are dedicated to helping individuals understand how the NDIS works, and how it can work for them. With our vast range of disability care services and deep understanding of NDIS funding, we are looking forward to make sure that every individual with disability receives the care they rightfully deserve and live a more fulfilling and independent life.

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