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National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a national scheme that helps with funding that is necessary for supporting children with disability or developmental delay and adults with disability. NDIS support helps people reach their individual goals and gives them choice about the support they need to live the life they want. If you are a NDIS participant looking for a registered NDIS provider who can prioritize your needs first, you have come to the right place. OSAN Ability Assist is one of the best NDIS providers with a focus on offering individually tailored and locally delivered support for people living with a disability.

How do you know if you are eligible for NDIS?

There is a checklist that is provided under the NDIS scheme that would help you know if you are eligible for the funding or not. You can still avail all the services we provide even if you are not eligible for NDIS support
  • Are you between the age of 7-65 years old?
  • Do you live in Australia and have an Australian residency ?
  • Do you usually need support from a person because of a permanent and significant disability?
  • Do you use special equipment because of a permanent and significant disability?
  • Do you need some support now to reduce your future needs?
National Disability Insurance Scheme
NDIS Steps to get the funding

What is the next step?/ Brief overview of your journey

  • Eligibility – Once you are eligible for NDIS, you will become an NDIS registered participant
  • Meet with a Planner – a planner is someone who will guide you through the process of making a NDIS plan, you can contact an ECEI Coordinator, LAC or NDIA planner.
  • Make a plan – You have to make a plan that would describe your goals and future plans and how your disability is causing a hindrance and how the funding can help you overcome these obstacles.
  • Look for a provider – It is important to look for a NDIS approved provider who can understand and fulfil your needs. Your relationship with the provider is going to be a long one.
  • Upgrade/Maintenance of plan – You can think of changing and upgrading your plan with time if needed.

What Happens after your application is approved.

Once you receive your NDIS Plan, the next step is to organise your services and supports. OSAN Ability Assist is a registered NDIS provider and so we are always ready to help you achieve your goals and plan for the future. At OSAN Ability Assist, we have a range of services and supports that can be tailored to meet your needs. We have been providing personalised services to people with disability for over 10 years. Our experienced staff will meet with you to find out about your dreams and aspirations and work with you to tailor support that will help you reach your full potential. We understand that things can change, so we offer a flexible service that ensures you can continue to live your life, your way.

NDIS Plan Management

NDIS plan management is the selection of how your National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) plan is managed . There are several kinds of plan management so making the right choice is important and unique to your needs and lifestyle. All transactions that are made using your funds have to follow the rules of the NDIS and would be tracked and accounted for. Plan management is the choice you make about who is responsible for tracking your budgets and paying your service providers. There 4 types of management you can look into –
  • Agency Managed – The plan is directly managed by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA). the NDIA is responsible for paying providers for any equipment or services you book with them. Service providers can invoice the NDIS directly. The main downside of this option is it is less flexible and you would be limited to booking services from NDIS registered providers.
  • Self Managed – The plan will be completely managed by you and you would be responsible for all the work. If you feel confident in organising your own services, managing money and completing complex paperwork, this would be the option for you. You are your own boss and this route would be flexible.
  • Plan Managed – This would be a third party managing your plan on your behalf as a “plan manager”. You will have to pay a fee to your plan manager for their services, however it is possible to receive funding in your plan for plan management.
Plan Management of NDIS


We provide a wide range of services approved by NDIS to all the participants

If You Have Any Questions Regarding Our Services Or Your Specific Needs, Please Contact Us


Support have to be reasonable and necessary and also:
  • Help you with your goals and aspiration
  • Developing your capacity to actively participate in community activities.
  • Fostering independence
  • Increasing your economic and social participation
  • Represent value for money
This would include things like learning, work, daily living, accommodation, equipment/assistive technology, health, transport and hobbies.

NDIS are the ones that will determine how much funding you will receive your plan.

The NDIS looks at your goals and decides what reasonable and necessary supports you would need to achieve them. They will take into account your age, stage of life, primary disability, functional impairment, living situation and your informal support.

Once you turn 65 years after you have already been an NDIS participant, you will have a choice. This would be to continue to receive disability support in the NDIS or receive support through the Commonwealth aged care system.

It is likely because the NDIS does not think you met the eligibility criteria

The NDIA may have identified that your supports are best delivered by other service systems. To know more, visit the page on the NDIS website about support for people who are not eligible.

You will receive notification from the NDIS by your preferred mode of communication (usually email or letter) let you know your new plan is active. It will contain your myplace portal activation code, which expires within 10 days.

About 24 hours after your plan has been approved, it will be available on the NDIS myplace portal so it’s worth checking to see if the plan has been uploaded. You will usually also receive a printed copy of your plan in the mail.

A Support Coordinator is someone who would support you to understand and implement the funded supports in your plan and link you to community, mainstream and other government services.
  • Help you to understand the plan
  • Linking you to service providers
  • Helping you negotiate with providers, ensure service agreements and service bookings are in place
  • Assist you in planning ahead for your plan review
  • Help ensure you get the most out of your plan and funded support by thinking outside the box.
There are levels of support coordination depending on the complexity of support required.


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