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6 Signs That Your Elderly Relatives Need Special Attention

Osan Ability, NDIS Provider Sydney

It is quite obvious that with the course of the time elderly persons tend to show some signs that he/she might require special attention. Apart from physical weaknesses; depressions, stress, death of a spouse/closed ones or prolonged loneliness can subsequently compromise their mental and physical health for a long period of time.

Here are six critical signs that indicate your elderly relative may need aged care assistance or special elder care:

1. Reluctance in going out

With the growing age, they usually start losing their memory. This inability causes a huge lack of confidence and gradually they start pulling themselves away from the outer world and confine themselves into their own house. They can even isolate themselves from friends and the community. This can lead to acute depression and other health concerns if not taken care of soon.

2. Falling Personal Hygiene

Subtle changes in clothing and appearance are one of the strongest signs which denote some eldercare assistance will be inevitable. These changes can range from wearing attires inappropriately, keeping unshaven face to keep himself in an untidy condition. These changes might take place because doing all the laundry works or having a bath on a regular basis might prove to be physically challenging to them. Most of them who stay alone fears slipping or falling in the bathroom while taking a shower with no one to get hold of him/her.

3. Signs of Depression

Acute changes in behaviour can be noticed due to prolonged depression. On many occasion, these elders feel separated. Just like the prisoners, they confine themselves into their own house; specifically, if a dearer one he/she has been deeply attached to passes away. A feeling of extreme pessimism and a sense of separation might result in a certain reluctance in hanging out, enjoy an event or even dress well. There might be some other signs including sleeping disorders (sleeping for long or insomnia), irritability and a complete lack of interest in activities.

4. Missing Doctors’ appointments and social gatherings

This can often be confused with symptoms of forgetfulness but if such incidents occur repeatedly, there might be another story behind it. A certain fear in taking public transport, attending an event full of crowd or missing doctor’s appointments frequently might be the signs that he/she needs serious care.

5. Untidy House

With the growing age, the cleanliness of own house might seem to them a tiresome and physically challenging task. From laundry works to washing dishes or cleaning of rooms – these household chores become too much for them to handle on their own. It is certainly a high time to get an experienced elder care service from a reputed provider.

6. Losing Track of Medications

Forgetting daily intake of medications or mistakes while taking a medicine i.e. overdosing or taking wrong pills at the wrong time can conjure up serious medical complications. Elderly people often take multiple prescriptions for various health conditions which can even be life-threatening without proper age care assistance and systematic reminders.

Therefore, it is quite important that the other family members keep an eye on the above-mentioned symptoms and know how to assist them with an aged care service.


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