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Dementia is quite a common disorder in older adults. Although medical science has continued to progress quite magnificently, yet there exist many versions of dementia which are yet to be unfolded. As there is no proper ‘cure’ available, dementia treatment heavily relies on alleviating the symptoms and slowing down the progress of the disorder. Hindering the progression means the older adult not only gets more time to spend with his/her beloved friends and family members, but also live independently as long as possible.

Here through this blog OSAN Ability shares how seniors can cope with dementia and slow down the progression.

  • Exercise At Will

Regular exercise is always a good option to keep yourself healthy and workable. It increases the flow of blood and oxygen to your brain keeping it strong and healthy. This is quite beneficial as strong and healthy brain prevents dementia from worsening. According to an article published by Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation, the risk of Alzheimer’s disease (which is the most common type of dementia) can be reduced up to 50% by exercising regularly. Moreover, exercise also helps in reducing stress, depression and mood swings which are often associated with other cognitive declinations. A weekly three hours of exercise including biking or swimming or yoga can do great of good in maintaining both your physical and cognitive health.

For older adults who looks to stay fit and healthy, OSAN Ability professionally assists in performing daily routine tasks focusing on living a healthier and fulfilling life.

  • Stick To Healthy Diet

Along with routine exercise, a healthy diet plan is also essential. A fibre-rich diet and low animal protein intake are associated with lowering the risks of dementia. Sticking to such diet provides necessary nutrients and antioxidants to brain and which helps protect the brain cells and maintain its healthy functions. Similarly avoiding certain foods containing excessive saturated fats, oils and hazardous chemicals is also preferred. A good diet for an older adult with dementia typically includes plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and fish while limiting the intake of sugar, saturated fat, red meat and alcohol.

  • Maintain Cardiovascular Health

Some types of dementia are associated with a faulty cardiovascular system which fails to bring in fresh oxygen to brain or fails to remove waste products from it. Moreover, a rapid heart rate and high blood pressure is quite likely to increase dementia progression.

Keeping your cardiovascular system profound can not only reduces the risk of strokes, but also prevents further cognitive decline. To keep the cardiovascular system as healthy as possible, older adults can stick to some of the common activities such as regular exercise, limiting or ceasing tobacco and smoking, minimising stress and maintaining healthy blood pressure, cholesterol levels and blood glucose level.

The seniors who are willing to maintain their health and making positive lifestyle changes can benefit from the assistance of professional in-home aged care from OSAN Ability. Our experts are available to provide high-quality care to your loved ones whenever they require. Our professional caregivers can help your aging loved one maintain their independence in many ways, – from providing mobility, helping in exercise to assist in transportation to market, an social engagements or medical appointments.

  • Keep An Active Mind

Along with a good physic, an active mind too necessary to cope with dementia. An active mind helps replenishing your memory power by strengthening the connections between all of the brain cells. This makes it easier for the brain to access stored information and respond to new input. Older adults can hone their mental skills by exercising several activities such as writing a diary, blog or everyday journals, playing musical instruments, and solving puzzles. You can find several mobile & PC apps and video games which are specifically designed to boost memory, spatial awareness, and mental coordinating.

Looking after the basic requirements of an older adult with dementia can be quite challenging. If your beloved elderly is having dementia and need special assistance, reach out to OSAN Ability. Our compassionate caregivers use several mind and memory care programs to help the aging adult delay the progression of dementia. They are also expert in assisting with a wide range of important everyday tasks, including assistance in exercise, bathing, cooking, gardening and many more.

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