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When it comes to NDIS disability support, we come by many frequently asked questions. One of the most asked questions is undoubtedly – ‘what is the difference between Support Coordinators and NDIS Plan Manager’. There are a few different but important role players associated with NDIS services who work together to provide best care and assistance and they both are certainly two of them.

Through this post, we at OSAN Ability are going to elaborate the distinction between these two roles and highlight the key differences. We will also discuss about assistance they offer to NDIS participants.

What is a NDIS Support Coordinator?

Just as the name suggests, a support coordinator is someone who helps you coordinate with every NDIS aspects such as essential information, advice, and guidance regarding the types of disability services and NDIS providers that might best suit you based upon your personalised requirements. They can also help you understand your NDIS plan and what type of support options you can avail. Whether you are a participant with plan-managed, self-managed or NDIA-managed option, you can go for a support coordinator to know and manage the support you require to achieve your goals.

Support coordinators are also responsible for offering practical assistance putting in your NDIS plan. While getting you the right NDIS service provider, they make sure that all your necessary paperwork are kept in orderly manner.

Types of assistance a Support Coordinator offers the participant:

  • Get you the right support and support providers based upon your needs.
  • Actively help you with plan review, preparing for your plan renewal and service agreements.
  • Connect you with the community services suitable to you.
  • Discuss with your plan manager on how to correctly allocate your funds.

What is a NDIS Plan Manager?

On the other hand, a NDIS plan manager usually helps you with all financial management of your NDIS plan. They can assist you with various services such as budget planning, managing invoice, claiming process and payments for the disability-related services and supports that you receive.

They are also responsible for providing you with support and advice for the types of services and providers you should be choosing according to your individual needs. As a NDIS participant if you are finding it hard to understand your allotted NDIS plan, they can also help you to understand it and let you know what type of support services are available for you. The entire services provided by a NDIS plan manager is covered under your NDIS budget and you don’t need to spend anything from your own.

Types of assistance a Plan manager offers to a participant:

  • Dealing with all your NDIS financial managements.
  • Receive, manage and pay invoice for you
  • Manage your funding budgets
  • Review and audit your NDIS plan and inform about any changes that you may require.
  • Assist you finding the right disability support provider (if needed)

Distinction Between Support Coordinators and NDIS Plan Managers

To clarify the basic difference, the support coordinators usually provide you with the important information and guidance about the types of disability services and providers that may best fit for you and your requirement. Whereas the plan managers can help you with all your financial management of your NDIS plan.

However, whether you should go for a support coordinator or seek assistance of a NDIS plan manager is solely depends upon your individual requirement. If your requirements are more than moderate, you can go for both for better assistance and understanding. They both are well versed to help you get the most out of your NDIS plan.

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