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Useful Guide for At-Home Medical Care and Assistance

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There are home care services available to assist with daily living activities, food, home maintenance, and nursing care for persons who are recovering from an illness or surgery, frail older people, people with life-limiting illnesses, and people with disabilities.

For those who require assistance, a variety of governmental initiatives, neighborhood services, and private home care options are available. Find out more about these services and programs below.


The Victorian Government funds the Home and Community Care Program for Younger People (HACC PYP) to offer community care services to young people with disabilities and their carers. With the aid of these services, residents can live as independently as possible.

You must be under 65 years old (under 50 for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander persons), have a disability, or be the carer of an eligible individual to be eligible for the HACC PYP.

You must first undergo a HACC PYP evaluation to determine the type of assistance you require, how much you may need, and the potential cost before you can begin getting these home care services. The amount you pay will vary depending on your income and the kind and quantity of home assistance services you want.

To arrange for an assessment for the HACC PYP and support services, get in touch with your local council or community health department or request a referral from your physician.

Program for Commonwealth Home Support

The Commonwealth Home Support Programme offers older persons who need respite and carer services, day therapy, nursing care, allied health, housing aid, and home help.

Its home care packages offer a well-rounded selection of services tailored to your individual care requirements. 

The following are possible inclusions in packages:

  • Personal care services like assistance with getting dressed or taking a shower
  • Support services like assistance with household chores, home modifications, and transportation
  • Healthcare services like nursing, physiotherapy, dietetics and hearing and vision services

You must be evaluated by a member of an Aged Care Assessment Team before you may get a home care package.

Home-Visiting Physician

Calling your local doctor is a good first step if you can’t make it to the clinic because you’re too ill, aren’t mobile enough, or simply don’t have a method to get there. Your regular doctor or another physician from the same medical facility may be able to arrange for home visitation. 

Your neighbourhood medical facility will be able to connect you with a home-visiting doctor service if this is not possible.

Transition Care Program

Health services can be provided in your home by the Transition Care Program, which offers nursing and rehabilitative care to elderly patients leaving hospitals. The curriculum is typically offered for eight to twelve weeks, but if more time is required, a six-week extension can be arranged.

A nurse can help with wound and personal care, as well as therapy such as physiotherapy and podiatry. You and your service provider agree on the program’s minimal charge before you sign up. If you can’t pay for care, you will still be able to receive it.

Before you leave the hospital, you must undergo an examination by an Aged Care Assessment Team in order to enrol in the programme. Your hospital may be able to arrange for this.


Cleaning, cooking, and shopping may fall further down your list of priorities as you prioritise attending medical appointments, managing prescriptions, spending time with loved ones, and participating in valued pastimes. When you need domestic assistance, you can hire trained support staff to help you around the house. You can feel overburdened or too busy with all the other things you have to take care of, or your age or disability might make it difficult for you to do home responsibilities.

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