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Aged Care Providers

Active lifestyle plays a huge role in attaining a healthy life, especially for older adults. Engaging in productive and social activities such as exercising in groups, joining an art class or volunteering in an event within your community help enhance your lifestyle and well-being to a great extent. Here one of the leading Aged Care…

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Home Disability Care Services

The Disability Trust is calling on support from local businesses to provide more employment placement opportunities for people with disabilities. Read the full story:   “Prime Minister announces funding for improving aged care sector” The PM has committed more than $500 million towards fixing problems in aged care, after a royal commission into the…

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aged care mentoring program

The Aged Care Industry Information Technology Council (ACIITC) and Minister for Aged Care and Senior Australians Richard Colbeck have launched the ACIITC Mentoring Program at an event in Canberra on Wednesday The program aims to bring like-minded people together to build capacity for technology and innovation in the aged and community care sectors through mentoring…

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How to Care for a Child with a Physical Disability

Home Care Nursing Sydney

Children may have a physical disability at birth or may develop one later. Disabilities can range from congenital conditions, like cerebral palsy, to genetic disorders, like muscular dystrophy, or may develop as a result of illness or injury. Whatever physical disability a child has, it’s important to know how you can best care for them.

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New Funding Round for NDIS

ndis provider

The National Disability Insurance Scheme is receiving a shakeup this year with $398 million in extra funding and changes to the Information, Linkages and Capacity (ILC) Building program. New opportunities for participants and providers will be available as early as March and the funding is expected to be available over the next four years. What…

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Government Announces New Funding Round for the NDIS

ndis service provider

The NDIS is receiving a shakeup this year with $398 million in extra funding and changes to the Information, Linkages and Capacity (ILC) Building program. The ILC program is integral to the success of the NDIS. It has provided many short-term grant programs and aims to help all people with disability to access important services and connect within the community. The outcome is improved independency and capability for all NDIS participants.

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How to Find the Best NDIS Provider in Sydney

NDIS Provider Sydney

The NDIS aims to give you more independence and support, which is why you are free to choose your NDIS provider. This gives you a fantastic opportunity to find an individual or organisation that best suits your needs, but it can also feel overwhelming with the sheer amount of providers out there. Here are some tips for finding the best NDIS provider for you.

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Commissioner to investigate Aged Care abuse

Aged Care providers - sydney

The Commissioner will investigate allegations of abuse, neglect and exploitation and will provide support to vulnerable adults and their families/carers following investigations. It will also raise community awareness about abuse, neglect and exploitation, including providing advice on preventing, identifying and responding to potential issues.

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