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How To Excercise in Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is quite a painful and hindering physical condition that can affect your quality of life to a large extent. It prevents you from doing the things you love. However, there are some tailored exercises that can specifically manage your arthritis allowing you to continue doing what you enjoy by making you stronger, fitter and reducing type 2 diabetes & cardiovascular risk factors.

How should you be Exercising

It is important to ensure you are performing the correct type of exercise as performing too much can cause more pain and make you want to stop altogether.

So, here OSAN Ability Assist shares some tips on how to exercise if you’re dealing with osteoarthritis. Always consult your doctor or health professional before for advice on which exercise is suitable for you.

Start with Simple Ones:

Begin with simple, low to moderate impact exercises that do not cause excessive stress upon a joint such as running or burpees. This can include walking, cycling, swimming and resistance exercises.

Perform Exercise You Enjoy:

It is quite crucial to perform the exercises you enjoy, as you won’t continue to exercise if you are not enjoying what you’re doing. You can exercise with a friend or join a group to make it more engaging.

Don’t Overdo:

If you have not been exercising for a long time, it is important not to perform too much exercise in a short period of time in order to prevent too much stress on the joints that can lead to pain and stiffness. Start exercising two to three times a week, to begin with, and then slowly extend more hours each day. You will notice some muscle soreness when you begin exercising; however, if you are experiencing more pain than you usually do in your joints, that last more than a few hours, or redness around the joint, you have done too much.

If you are unsure regarding the best way for you to exercise it is recommended to visit an expert exercise physiologist who can create a tailored program for you that ensures you are performing the correct exercises at the right intensity to best manage your arthritis.

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