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Top Five Questions to Ask During Your NDIS Planning Meeting


Despite their set format, no two NDIS planning meetings are the same. Your meeting is your opportunity to share what’s important to you and to make sure you’re informed about what happens next. To this end, we have compiled the top five questions to ask during your meeting.

1. How Long Will It Take to Receive My NDIS Plan?

If you are transitioning to the NDIS, your current state government funding will end on the day your plan starts. So it’s a good idea to find out when you can expect to receive your plan. Timeframes vary between NDIS planners and can be as little as two days or as many as 30 days. Your planner can let you know if there are any current delays and when you can expect your plan to be ready.

Most planners will send you your plan via email, but be sure to let them know if you would prefer it by post. This is also a great opportunity to double check they have your correct details, like your home address and email.

You might remember some important details after your meeting, so be sure to ask your planner how they prefer to be contacted. This is especially important because you will not be able to review your plan before it is issued.

2. Is There Someone Who Can Help Me to Understand and Implement My Plan?

Your NDIS plan may seem confusing at first, so it can be helpful to have someone to go through it with you. This could be your local area coordinator or a support coordinator. If you think you may need help, ask your planner who the best person is in your area.

A support planner can help you:

  • understand your plan
  • implement your plan
  • find out about local services
  • connect with local services
  • get quotes for local services.

3. Will I Be Allocated a Support Coordinator?

NDIS participants are not automatically allocated a support coordinator, so you need to discuss this with your planner. They will consider your individual circumstances and allocate a support coordinator if they feel you need one. This is funded by the NDIS and is on top of your other NDIS funding.

4. Will I Have a Plan Manager?

As with support coordinators, plan managers are not automatically allocated. If you think you need one, you can discuss this during your NDIS plan meeting. If your planner agrees, your plan manager will be funded through the NDIS.

Your plan manager will help you manage the financial side of implementing your plan.

5. Will My Plan Cover Everything I Need?

During your planning meeting, the planner will note down all of your answers in their own words. Your requests for support will then be evaluated and your plan will cover anything the NDIA feels is necessary. This may not be everything you have requested.

To give yourself the best chance at a plan that meets all your needs, it’s a good idea to ask the planner to repeat back everything they have written down. This will give you the chance to double check it includes everything that is important to you.

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