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Why use a registered NDIS provider?


The NDIS Quality and Safety Framework offers a systematic approach to help NDIS participants exercise control and preference and enable them to get the best out this National Disability Insurance Scheme.

NDIS ensures proper safeguards are in place. Also suppliers and their employees are expected to provide top- quality support.

Why use a registered NDIS service provider?

You can pick unregistered NDIS providers only if you manage your own NDIS fund management. All NDIS providers are registered with NDIA and are constantly monitored for their quality and facilities.  If you still prefer to select a non-registered NDIS provider, make sure they maintain adequate quality standards.

OSAN Ability is a registered NDIS provider in Australia. Headquartered in Sydney with a number of offices in interstate, OSAN provides experienced and qualified carers, plan managers and mobility equipment. OSAN can organise a personal meeting with your account manager to discuss your unique needs. This meeting is completely free and gives you comprehensive information about NDIS and various options you may have. Fine more about OSAN here

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