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5 Benefits of Working as an Aged Care Provider in Sydney

Aged Care Provider

Working as an aged care provider or nurse is not always an easy job to. It is more of a ‘responsibility’ than to be a ‘just another job’. However, it has certain rewarding benefits. But like any other job, when embarking on aged care industry, you need to do your research and make sure whether…

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Benefits of Daily Exercise: Disability Support

Disability Support

National Disability Insurance Scheme, has undoubtedly helped countless persons with disability to get back to main stream of life. At OSAN Ability Assist, we feel very proud to play an important role as a registered NDIS provider in Parramatta in this process. All our support staff put their heart & soul into their profound job…

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Aged Care Services Sedney

We often see older adults suffer from acute depression for physical vulnerability or loneliness. To avoid such an unwanted condition, most aged care services are moving towards animal assisted therapy also known as pet therapy. There are numerous benefits of pet ownership for the elderly. It can range from reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, to…

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